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Tantra shows us that love is not an emotion but a state of being, a quality that resides within us all. A love that is our guide, our teacher, our mentor and our everlasting source of energy.

Our sexual nature is as unique to us as our fingerprints. It holds our beauty, our deepest expression of who we are, how we express ourselves in our inner and outer worlds. It is our greatest teacher when we allow, when we trust. Tantra is for you for the everyday confidence, personal power, body confidence and well-being. It’s for you if you want to learn how to finally receive and enjoy the pleasure your sexual self desires. If you are in a relationship or single Tantra will give you the map you need to navigate a full exploration with yourself on all levels, and with another as you find healthy boundaries, your unique way of giving and receiving pleasure and loving bliss. 

Is Tantra for me?

  • It’s for you if you want to release shame and guilt, fear and confusion. If you want to reclaim your personal power and joy, your YES to life, bring a balance to the Masculine and Feminine energies that guide us. If you want to remove intimacy blocks, come fully into your body. 
  • If you want to explore your sexual and sensual being, bringing a conscious sexuality to your relationships. If you want to use your sexual energy to bring more awareness, aliveness, creativity, freedom and joy to your inner world, and improve your relating on all levels.

Sexual energy is the life force that moves through us all. Sexual energy is not just for sex! 

It’s the most powerful energy we have, it impacts all aspects of our daily lives.  With Tantra, we have the opportunity to use it in the most productive and effective way. You can choose to reclaim this vital energy to bring you back into your life, your heart, and your relationships. Bringing more conscious awareness and sensitivity to your mind, body and spirit. It will bring you home to your heart, to the essence of who you are. It will weave through your life with the truth, the courage, and the deepest wisdom of your being.


What you can learn?

For Individuals & Couples

• to reconnect with the authentic, beauty and power of your innate sexuality
• to increase your sensual awareness and enable you to develop a deeper connection with your body
• gain a greater understanding of yourself and your needs as a sexual being
• repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities and release your blocks against pleasure
• through breathing and other techniques learn to harness the power of your sexual life-force energy to bring greater health, vitality and resilience to your life
• reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy and so transform the quality of your sexual experience
• balance the feminine and masculine energies within you to bring greater harmony to your experience of life
• move beyond your limiting beliefs to discover your full potential
• become more intimate, creative, spontaneous and joyful in your relationships with yourself and others.

About Me

My name is Katrina Clark and I am a Sexuality & Intimacy Coach...welcome to my world! I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with my husband and two children. My interest in Tantra, in Conscious Sexuality, began in 2014 when I began my own personal journey into this. What I discovered was a powerful healing journey that brought me to a much deeper understanding of how it is to be me in the world, and a new found intimacy in all my relating. A true awakening of all levels. I have taken all my experience, training and personal insight to bring to you an opportunity to find what needs to be remembered for you.

Tantra connects you to your true self. It creates a union between your inner and outer world. This brings more authentic relating and intimacy to all your relationships, most importantly to the one with yourself.

I invite you to come and look, discover more of your truth remove the masks, lay down all the identities and the protection you carry, relax into your being. Ask your body what is needed; allow your deepest desire and truth to connect your heart, body and soul. Simply just allow yourself to be, to be whole.

Ways you can work with me are: 1-1 sessions, Tantra Massage, Couples Sessions and Conscious Sexuality Workshops. I have an interest in working with men, women and fertility please visit www.katrinaclark-reiki.co.uk

"To begin a journey with Tantra is to come home to yourself."

- Katrina Clark

Ways To Work With Me

How To Book

We will have a free consultation prior to all sessions. This is essential before we engage. We can talk via skype or via a phone call to discuss your needs and to work out what is the right way forward.

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